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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Best football players from Conference USA

Somebody recently said that players from smaller conferences shouldn't receive All American consideration. Here’s a shortlist of great players from Conference USA.

Jeff Blake
Andre Ware
Randy Moss
Isaac Bruce
Tommy Kramer
Doak Walker
Brett Favre
Shawn King
Steve Largent
Bryan Thomas
Daunte Culpepper
Don Maynard

You know most of these names for their NFL careers, but it all started in Conference USA.


  • There are a handful of DII players that are All American players; this is in addition to smaller DI conferences. RB Walter Payton of Jackson State University (finishing 14th in the Heisman Trophy race) and LB Harry Carson from S Carolina State (standing defensive NCAA record for points allowed with 29 points in 10 games) - drafted by the New York Giants in 1976. 13 years in the NFL and 10 Pro Bowl appearances. I think the toughest thing is to weigh true talent against poor and mediocre opponents. Several DI big conference Heisman Trophy winners were duds at best in the NFL. What makes a person a collegiate All American and how do they transition that talent to the NFL level … some would lean towards stellar coaching in the NFL to leverage talent from smaller conferences, others may lean towards pure talent. I think it’s a personal ability to adapt and the coaches’ ability to effectively coach that person to recognize their true talent, not matter what/where their college experience was.

    So weighing All American status at the collegiate level is much like the BCS, it doesn’t really make sense because there is no fair methodology to take everyone and everything into consideration. Only hindsight and NFL statistics can be used to back-up previous votes. Maybe I’m a bit too much engineer, but I need a damn fomula!


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