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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dillon and Sports Writing

Dillon, this is a similar argument to that made by Sux fans about the Chicago Tribune. And in that case, it's even moreso since the Cubbies are owned by the Tribune, Co. Anyhow, the fact is if it's newsworthy they're going to report it with equal emotion and detail.

There was even an article in this morning's Trib from a Sux fan columnist who took the World Series trophy to Tribune's headquarters yesterday. It went as far as saying that other employees who are Cub fans avoided touching it politely.

The Joklahoman, as I've always called it, reports OU and OSU equally. But you have to admit there have been more newsworthy events coming out of Norman. The caveat I would make to that is OSU does very well in less popular sports - golf, wrestling, etc. Their basketball team has been well-covered when it does well, and their football team hasn't had much to talk about outside of a few Bedlam upsets.

So yes, once again - your orange blinders are donned.


  • nice.

    By Blogger Sminklemeyer, at 10:17 AM  

  • I agree that Dillon does wear Orange Blinders and loves to pretend that his poor Oklahoma State Aggies are just overlooked by everyone in the Nation. I mean how could you not post front page news on a team that lost to Baylor? Also, they have an all world quarterback in Bobby Reid, even if he never does anything at the college level, according to Dillon he was still a better recruit than Bomar.

    Also, everyone tends to leave out the only Conference Championship team in Oklahoma. Yes, I am referring to the Golden Hurricane from Tulsa. OSU is lucky that they are afraid to play Tulsa, because as they put it, " This is a no win game for OSU, if we win it is expected and if we lose it is a great upset." Sorry OSU fans this is not the case anymore, Tulsa is once again putting together a great recruiting class and is taking over as the number 2 team in the state! We actually have assistant coaches that other teams want for a change. I love what Steve Kragthorpe has done with this program. I went to the Liberty Bowl and have never seen so many Tulsa fans and as much excitement for a TU game in my life, it was amazing.

    By Anonymous Schilling, at 6:33 PM  

  • -- My Original Post --

    Since when was “OSU Loses Player” front page news (referring to loosing a seventeen year old football recruit)? I am absolutely convinced that the Daily Oklahoma (which will be referred to as the Jokelahoman or the Daily Disappointment) is a propagation machine for the Sooner nation, and therefore report on all negative angles out of Stillwater while shining golden beams towards Norman.

    In the same news cycle, the local NBA franchise (the Hornets) won a tough road game, but OSU loosing Goodson was more front page-worthy.

    Did the Daily Disappointment even report on Jeremy Maclin and James Henry decommitting from OU? No, originally I thought this kind of info just wasn’t news worthy to Okies, however yesterday’s Headlines must be different.

    Fred, feel free to start the blog, because Conor and Tim are getting ready to go off. Conor, please remind everyone the color of my bifocals.

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 8:44 AM  

  • I think the flaw in my arguement is that I expect a newspaper to be unbiased. However, that expectation get's overlooked by Gaylord Enterprises (The owner of the Jokelahoman), especially when the news has anything to do with the Gaylord Memorial Football Stadium or their rivals.

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 8:52 AM  

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