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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Recruiting Rankings

I wanted to find out how much people really believe the recruiting rankings that are out there today? I remember when OU got their class a few years ago with Quentin Griffin, Derek Strait, Andre Woolfolk, et al, it was thought to be their worst class in years and it ended up winning a national title. Lately I have been paying more attention to these sites and rankings lately and noticed some inconsistency. Such as OU has a running back that is the number 2 all purpose running back in the nation, however in the top 100 he is listed behind I believe 5 or so running backs. Therefore he does not help OU's recruiting class as much and lowers their rankings. I just wonder how does everyone feel about these rankings are they accurate to tell us the future of success of a program?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bud Lights - Real men of Genius

I am sure that everyone here has at least seen one Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercial, so I thought it would be fun to create our own.

(music starts)
Bud Light presents “Real Men of Genius”

Today we salute you Mr. NCAA basketball rule bender
You know what you can get away with, because you helped mold the rules.
[[no one will care who you call]]

Misleading other coaches at the Ethics Committee shows the dubious character that we look for in a basketball coach, which deserves applause.
[[applause from the background]]

So, stand there proud in your denim shirt, and shout “Everyone does it” and everything will be just fine.
[[Everyone does it]]

Go ahead and make a few more illegal phone calls.
[[you'll never get caught]]

But, if basketball were the battle, some would say you were fighting dirty.
[[regulations, shmegulations]]

So crack open a nice cold bud light Mr. NCAA basketball rule bender
At the end of the season, we salute you Mr. NCAA basketball rule bender
[[ rules are meant to be bent]]
(music ends)


Friday, January 20, 2006

I am Bored – So let’s have fun

Just for a minute let’s pretend that the Gaylord family donated $165 million to the University of Oklahoma. Write your best Daily Oklahoman headline:

1) Stoops has a new “Owner” -- You would get it if you read the Daily Oklahoman
2) Gaylord family pay’s for OU long distance bill
3) OU football team gets $163 million, Gymnastics gets $2 million.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Unbiased Reporting by the Joklahoman and Sampson

Ok, Dillon - any comments on John Rohde's article on today's Joklahoman? This is someone who has been called out as a clear Sooner supporter, and as a less than nice journalist by some other friends of ours around here.

I also have to say that, while not unpredictable, I agree to a large extent with what Kelvin is saying and not Rohde. Kelvin is a tireless worker. And he clearly broke the rules. But I have to believe he did not do so intentionally. There isn't a clear track record here (not even as lengthy as Eddie Sutton's if you ask me), which I believe is key to proving undeniable intent.

We'll see how all this plays out, but I sure hope it doesn't compromise the OU program more than it already has.

And more related to this year's team, I have to say this year is frankly - disappointing so far. Usually at this point, OU has a couple of losses to good teams. But they've also traditionally shown a lot of promise and improvement. The talent's there. The question to answer remains to be whether they'll actually live up to it.

- Conor (sorry for not signing my other posts)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey T. Boone - Thanks for the $165 Million

This morning Boone Pickens announced that he is giving $165 Million to the OSU athletic department. This is the biggest sum of money ever donated to an NCAA athletic department; obviously we are limiting this to biggest legal sum of money.

Stillwater get ready, the west end zone will now be completed, there will be a new indoor football practice facility, new soccer facility, new track and field facility, new tennis facilities, new baseball stadium (Goodbye Allie P. Reynolds Stadium), new baseball practice facilities, new equestrian, ..........

Thank you Mr. Pickens, but all of this comes at a high cost. The section of housing immediately north of the football stadium, Hester, Ramsey, Knoblock, Scott, Connell, Cantwell, ..... is all being rezoned for University use. I lived in this part of Stillwater for over 2 years. I hope the character of this area gets passed on somewhere else. The outdoor parties, tailgating, never lock your door, and the never ending stack of orange road cones that seems to accumulate when Dave Thompson had too much to drink.

I also heard T. Boone say at the end of his speech that this will not be his last donation. Well, it is going to be hard to outdo yourself this time.

Thanks again!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

From Squeaky Clean to 10 Scholarships – The E! True Hollywood Story of Calvin Sampson


Please take a minute or two to read the entire article. Now reread the section on “The friendly media”. I commented on this exact idea, and I was critized of wearing “orange blinders” by no other than Schilling and the Commish (BTW, please label your posts)!!!! I guess CBS has my same taste in “blinders.”

Anyways, back to the Article. Phone calls, are you freakin' serious!!!! Three years of investigations, and the NCAA accuses OU of making too many phone calls!!!! You fuckwits….. I was expecting hookers, 3 hour boat rides, or at least something that sounds slightly illegal.

I, for one, am now investing in those trac phones that you sell at wal-mart. Trace this!!!!

I also expect to hear more out of this
story as it develops, but until then, Calvin......


Friday, January 06, 2006

Coaching Decisions

I watched the National Title game and watched coaches go for it on 4th down multiple times and not make it. This ended up costing USC the game. I know it is easy to second guess as I am not out there with my name on the line. However I have to wonder, why go for it on 4th down with 2 minutes left instead of punting and making them drive the entire length of the field. Pete Carroll is supposed to be one of the "Defensive Geniuses of the game" according to the commentary during the game. He could not set up a defense that could limit Texas from driving the field with 2:00 minutes on the clock? However then you look at the opposite had they gotten the first that is the best call of the game and wins the game for USC. I like aggressive coaching, so I would have to say I support his call, except he had the wrong personnel in the game. I don't think you can leave Reggie Bush the best player in college football on the sideline for this play. Even if he is just a decoy, he has to be on the field.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vince Young

I may be in the minority with the opinion, but I'm not sure last night's game proved Vince Young is going to be the next great NFL QB. I think he's one of the better college QBs I've seen. Sure I hope he goes pro because I'm an OU fan, but I've tried to remove that bias from this argument.

He had a very nice completion percentage of 75%, threw for 267, and added 201 on the ground. His size and running ability will not be debated - those are legit. This argument will center around his passing since that's always the debate on running QBs.

The majority of his completions were to receivers who found holes in the USC zone and sat down, or on seam routes to a very good TE. I didn't see the precision (read: timing) and velocity to complete the 10-yard out or deep post that is required from an NFL QB. I'm not saying I could have completed the passes he did. I'm just saying I think Michael Vick even has more arm strength than him.

Also, there's the throwing motion. Texas has attempted to correct this for many years, but I don't know it can last in the NFL. Only time will tell how good of a career he has, but I don't think this is as open and shut as some. I certainly wouldn't bet anything significant on it yet.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Yesterday, I watched a legend on his home turf.

It was cold. The game was meaningless.

But No. 4 played liked it was a Super Bowl or perhaps like it was his last. Brett Favre threw for 259 yards and a touchdown against the best team in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers won 23 to 17.

Favre looked like his old self, as he scrambled and threw. And his receivers looked like they have all year, dropping passes and running lazy routes. Tony Fisher, the Packers fifth-string running back, could barely run pass the line of scrimmage. Indeed, like it has been all year for the 4-12 Pack, the game was on Favre’s shoulders. And maybe that’s why he hadn’t thrown a TD pass in five games.

Terrell Owns said a while back that if you placed Favre in the Eagles lineup, they would be much better than with Donavan McNabb. I believe this. And I think Favre has a year or two left in him. He just didn’t have the supporting cast this year. The fans at yesterday’s game agreed.

Although the Packers weren’t in contention for anything but Reggie Bush, Lambeau didn’t have an empty seat in the house and the fans chanted, “one more year,” throughout the game.

Though I lived in Wisconsin for some time, I am not a Packers fan. But I am a football fan. And the day No. 4 leaves, I believe we will miss a player who meant more to the sport than Joe Montana or Dan Marino. If he leaves before next year, I can say I saw his last game.

And the program will be worth something on eBay.