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Monday, January 02, 2006


Yesterday, I watched a legend on his home turf.

It was cold. The game was meaningless.

But No. 4 played liked it was a Super Bowl or perhaps like it was his last. Brett Favre threw for 259 yards and a touchdown against the best team in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. The Packers won 23 to 17.

Favre looked like his old self, as he scrambled and threw. And his receivers looked like they have all year, dropping passes and running lazy routes. Tony Fisher, the Packers fifth-string running back, could barely run pass the line of scrimmage. Indeed, like it has been all year for the 4-12 Pack, the game was on Favre’s shoulders. And maybe that’s why he hadn’t thrown a TD pass in five games.

Terrell Owns said a while back that if you placed Favre in the Eagles lineup, they would be much better than with Donavan McNabb. I believe this. And I think Favre has a year or two left in him. He just didn’t have the supporting cast this year. The fans at yesterday’s game agreed.

Although the Packers weren’t in contention for anything but Reggie Bush, Lambeau didn’t have an empty seat in the house and the fans chanted, “one more year,” throughout the game.

Though I lived in Wisconsin for some time, I am not a Packers fan. But I am a football fan. And the day No. 4 leaves, I believe we will miss a player who meant more to the sport than Joe Montana or Dan Marino. If he leaves before next year, I can say I saw his last game.

And the program will be worth something on eBay.


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