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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hey T. Boone - Thanks for the $165 Million

This morning Boone Pickens announced that he is giving $165 Million to the OSU athletic department. This is the biggest sum of money ever donated to an NCAA athletic department; obviously we are limiting this to biggest legal sum of money.

Stillwater get ready, the west end zone will now be completed, there will be a new indoor football practice facility, new soccer facility, new track and field facility, new tennis facilities, new baseball stadium (Goodbye Allie P. Reynolds Stadium), new baseball practice facilities, new equestrian, ..........

Thank you Mr. Pickens, but all of this comes at a high cost. The section of housing immediately north of the football stadium, Hester, Ramsey, Knoblock, Scott, Connell, Cantwell, ..... is all being rezoned for University use. I lived in this part of Stillwater for over 2 years. I hope the character of this area gets passed on somewhere else. The outdoor parties, tailgating, never lock your door, and the never ending stack of orange road cones that seems to accumulate when Dave Thompson had too much to drink.

I also heard T. Boone say at the end of his speech that this will not be his last donation. Well, it is going to be hard to outdo yourself this time.

Thanks again!!!


  • That is quite a donation, I have to wonder at what cost he is giving the money. I have heard rumors that he controls the athletic department more then the athletic director as it is, so what will this do for his control of OSU athletics. I had thought it was you Dillon, but I could be wrong that questioned how much he somewhat controlled the department in the past. That will do alot for OSU athletics and help with recruiting. I saw according to rivals you have a top 25 recruiting class so far I can't help but think this gift and the promise of a new indoor practice facility is helping in that area.

    By Anonymous Schilling, at 5:37 AM  

  • hopefully, we can build a football team that wins. that's all i care about. mr. pickens can officiate teh games for all i care; i'm just sick of losing. at least vince young is gone.

    By Anonymous fred, at 5:13 PM  

  • Schilling,

    You are correct in remembering my concern about Mr. Pickens having too much control. This was a serious issue when Birdwell was the AD, however Holder, the new AD, has a great relationship with TBP.

    My concerns are now pretty minimal. TBP has had his hand in the cookie jar for the past two years, and the athletic facilities are getting better in a hurry. It is hard to argue with success. Everything TBP has ever been associated with has thrived, from his oil companies to his hedge funds. The more I think about it, I think I want him more involved.

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 8:26 AM  

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