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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Recruiting Rankings

I wanted to find out how much people really believe the recruiting rankings that are out there today? I remember when OU got their class a few years ago with Quentin Griffin, Derek Strait, Andre Woolfolk, et al, it was thought to be their worst class in years and it ended up winning a national title. Lately I have been paying more attention to these sites and rankings lately and noticed some inconsistency. Such as OU has a running back that is the number 2 all purpose running back in the nation, however in the top 100 he is listed behind I believe 5 or so running backs. Therefore he does not help OU's recruiting class as much and lowers their rankings. I just wonder how does everyone feel about these rankings are they accurate to tell us the future of success of a program?


  • I agree that recruiting rankings are suspect at best. Here are a few of my main thoughts:

    1. They only address the player's athletic abilities and potential. They do not account for clear attitude issues. This is best exemplified for me by the recent DTs signed by OU and OSU - Xavier Lawson-Kenndy (XLK) and Moe Dampeeer. XLK may still be on campus (I have no idea), but has not lived up to his enormous potential. And Dampeer was such an attitude / commitment problem that Stoops kicked him off the team. The only thing he ended up having was a big head - both physically and mentally.

    2. I agree with your statement about OU's class. Coaches still have to coach / discipline, etc. Otherwise the players will never live up to their potential. And often times it's those kids that come into a program "hungry" that benefit the most. They even end up being NFL 1st Round picks based on their hard work alone.

    So even though I eagerly await whether Gerald McCoy goes to OU, and how OU is perceived nationally - I reserve judgement until I see them on the field. The problem is you do have to try to get the best talent you can or you will be playing with the proverbial "hand behind your back".

    - Conor

    By Blogger Beermen Sports, at 7:40 PM  

  • I agree with both of you. The logic behind recruiting rankings is worse than the equations that are used in the BCS. This logic seems to do a decent job evaluating current ability and even potential, but two major factors are left out, desire/dedication and heart.

    About XLK, yes he is still on campus. He had injury problems early on, but he played in every game last year. Living up to his hype would be nearly impossible for him now. He would need about 120 tackles his senior year (or get doubled team, that means you are good doesn’t it?)

    Plus, depending on which recruiting service you follow, the players are rated differently, but even within one service their rankings are not consistent. Try to follow this.

    OSU’s commits off the Scout Postseason Southwest Region Hot 100 are:
    21 - Ugo Chinasa 4 star
    27 - Terrance Anderson 3 star
    44 - Orie Lemon 3 star
    52 - Rajon Henley 4 star
    57 - Patrick Lavine 3 star
    66 - Keith Totson 3 star
    75 - Donnell Williams 4 star
    89 - Artrell Woods 3 star

    And believe me; these inconsistencies are not due to positional differences.

    I have also found that the recruiting rankings are very much dependent on which school recruits the player. This seems backwards but it is true. A recruits value rises if USC, Texas, Florida, OU, ….. offers the recruit a scholarship. Remi Ayodele is a perfect example of this. Leaving NE Oklahoma A&M JC, he was only recruited by OSU, and a few other schools. At the end of the recruiting season, OU offered Ayodele a scholarship, and he decommitted from OSU to commit to OU. Correspondingly, he went from a 3 star recruit to a 4 star recruit. Truthfully, I think he has great potential, and probably deserves the 4 stars, but this talent went unrecognized until OU wanted him.

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 7:23 AM  

  • I think I was a little too harsh on the recruiting system in general in my last post. The system ranks talent the best it can. It is the coach’s responsibility to develop that talent into football players.

    I think that everyone would could pick the outcome of a football game that featured 11 four star recruits versus 11 three star recruits.

    I can deal with the minor inconsistencies.

    Here is an interesting side note:
    Since 2002, OSU has only signed 1 five star recruit, Lance Carson. He never played a down. They signed 8 four star recruits:
    XLK – injury problems
    Nathan Peterson – injury problems
    Bobby Reid – I can’t figure out what his problem is, but there definitely is one
    Jon Holland
    Paul Francis – Never started
    Robert Jones
    Vernon Grant – Died in a car accident
    Dameon Collins – Never played in a game

    So, only 6 of the 8 actually played a down at OSU. This year OSU has 8 four star recruits currently committed.

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 7:35 AM  

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