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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ok, I just returned from vacation today and was following the Eddie Sutton situation as closely as you can while out. But while I was watching the OU debacle in Boulder, the ESPN break-in occurred to the Stillwater news conference. So I had to go splitscreen and watch ESPN News (knowing they'd have more live conference coverage) too. And it's time to open Pandora's box on this one. I can only imagine how many discussions we'll have on this over time, and honestly have no idea what Dillon's take will be. Seeing the OSU Recruit and Prentiss articles though - the pressure's on.

Here are some of my thoughts on this, as structured as I can make them right now:

- Gottleib repeatedly stated tonight he feels Eddie should have outright resigned and has likely coached his last game @ OSU. I definitely agree with that assessment, and felt that way when I heard he was taking the medical leave. But was even more convinced when I realized he gets credit for the wins while Sean mans the bench. Talk about backing into 800 wins.

- Having said that, I think Eddie has earned the right to go out on his own terms. He should be allowed to resign however he deems appropriate. In my opinion, one of two things will happen:

1. He'll officially resign and never coach on the sideline again.
2. He'll comeback next year, and end up sticking around even longer than he would have prior to the accident.

- I really wanted to hear Eddie had just taken too many painkillers. I really did. My mother-in-law (a registered nurse) even speculated (I think somewhat hopefully even if she's a Sooner fan) that diabetics often times have that "fruity odor" on their breaths that the media reported. Given how old he is and his alcohol history, diabetes seemed like a possibility. These are only two examples of how we really wanted to believe Eddie wasn't drunk.

- The question that keeps crossing my mind is regarding the Hall of Fame though. Eddie was already being punished for his Kentucky days by voters. Does he even get in now? It's conceivable (and somewhat likely) he'll get 800 wins and not be voted in - at least not while he's alive.

I do think if voters plan to vote him in at any point, there's no value served in waiting. If you ever think you'll vote for him, do it now and inaugurate him. He deserves to enjoy it in person if he ever goes in.

Needless to say this is not my most structured posting, but Eddie's already interesting story just got deeper. And the past few days are only an inkling of what we're likely to hear and read over the future months / years about him and his legacy. If I had to project right now, I'd say Eddie goes down as a tragic figure who was a great coach and just couldn't ever eliminate all the offcourt demons that haunted him.

I also wanted to point out that either in the Hawaii newspaper or the Los Angeles Times I was reading today, Kelvin Sampson was quoted speaking very glowingly about Eddie and how badly he felt about the whole situation. I didn't want to bring him into this, but Kelvin showed yet again that in spite of your personal opinions of him - he's a great person just like Eddie.

- Conor


  • Most liquors make my breath smell like crap. What was he drinking? Schnapps?

    I think Schmidly handled the question and answer very well, and I agree with almost everything he said. I will try to summarize my feelings about the situation.
    1) Eddie has a bunch of problems right now, and Eddie needs to try to fix all of those problems, before his OSU future is dicussed.
    2) It is sad that in today's society, very few people realize they have a problem, until someone gets hurt. This is Eddie's situation.
    3) I heard He checked into a Betty Ford clinic, which is a great thing. Eddie needs to get his body healthy, and get away from basketball. I think those two things alone will probably alleviate his desire for alcohol.

    I am not an anti-alcohol person. I love to drink, but I also am able to see (or hear) when someone has a problem.

    Eddie is a person who is accountable for his actions. He made a mistake, and he should have to pay the consequences. That being said, I hope that one of those consequences is not the loss of his job.

    The hall of fame. He gets in, no question. It is the basketball HOF, not the sober HOF.

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, you should have called a taxi.

    Go Pokes!!!

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 8:56 AM  

  • this is such a sad day. sutton screwed up big.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:32 AM  

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