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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thoughts on NFL Draft

The Houston Texans just screwed up. How do you pick Mario Williams over Reggie Bush? Don’t get me wrong, Williams is a straight up stud, but Bush is perhaps Barry Sanders.

Other first-round thoughts.
The Cardinals just made the pick that will finally make them a true playoff threat. Next to Bush, Matt Lienhart was the best offensive player in the draft. After Kurt Warner is injured next year, he will be starting and earn rookie of the year honors.

Vince Young is the next Akili Smith, the Oregon quarterback who choked, not Steve McNair. In five years, Tennessee will drop Young after several attempts of making him an NFL quarterback.

Santonio Holmes was the best middle-of-the-pack pick. He will make a nice No. 2 receiver to Hines Ward now that Randle El is gone.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

An idiot writes an article

Did anyone proof read this?

Rhode is basking three kids who want out of their Letter of Intent, after finding out that OU has been recruiting kids illegally. “When you give your word, plan to keep it” is the title of his article. Later in the article Rhode praises Coach Capel for being a man of his word. Didn’t Capel break his word with VCU to leave them to go to OU.

I don’t blame Capel, it was an obvious choice. However, saying that he is a man of his word, and implying that the three recruits who want a release from their LOI are not “men of their words” is ludicrous. Are Leech, Mangino, and Mike Stoops men of their words? Yes, they simply positioned themselves better by going somewhere else.

Rhode is putting more spin on this situation than is being put on the “Peterson driving a Lexus” situation.