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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mark Mulder Fall From Major League Pitcher

Mark Mulder has in a matter of about 3 weeks gone from one of the most dominant pitchers in the game of baseball to "Borderline Helpless". He is now 6-5 with a 6.09 ERA for the season and 1-3 with a 13.50 ERA over his last 6 starts. He has looked helpless on the mound, no control, no movement on his pitches and he has never been a power pitcher. His pitching coach has all but given up saying he has tried everything he can think about and at this point is at a loss for what to do with Mulder.

So what do you do, if his name was not Mark Mulder and he didn't make $5 Million a year, then I can tell you what would happen. He would be a new starting pitcher for the Memphis Redbirds. Or he would be slotted into their bullpen as a situational lefty and they would promote Adam Wainright to a starting pitcher role. At the beginning of the season if the Cardinals would have offered Mark Mulder for Bobby Abreau the Phillies would have most likely jumped on it. However now, I doubt they could get an outfielder from KC for him.

The Cardinals may win the NL Central on the strength of their lineup and other starting pitchers and bullpen, however they have now gauranteed themselves that they will once again spend the fall wondering what it would be like to win a Championship, because with Mulder they don't have a chance.


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