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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bomar and Quinn are gone, yet there is still something fishy going on in Norman

February 2006 – OU’s compliance department supposedly begins an investigation into players and Big Red.

March 3, 2006 – David Boren receives a Email charging that players are being paid while doing no work at Big Red. “OU expanded the investigation after receiving the Email on March 3rd. Interestingly the Email to Boren was addressed to David Price, the NCAA VP for enforcement thus leaving OU no option but to “expand” their investigation.

April 6, 2006 - The Big Red payroll clerk makes a written statement.

June 21, 2006 - The Big Red payroll clerk reiterates her statement in a interview conducted.

Late July, 2006 – OU confirms the rules violations in a report to the NCAA.

August 2, 2006 – Bomar and Quinn are dismissed from the team.

According to the OU Compliance Department, Bomar and Quinn confessed that they knew they were breaking the rules. Just exactly when did they confess to this? Exactly when were they confronted?

The reason that date is so important is because that is the date where there would be clear and unavoidable evidence that rules had been violated. They were confronted with allegations and confessed. End of story. Game over.

So when did this occur?

On August 2nd when Bob Stoops dismissed the two players and had his Press Conference, he claims that it was not a hard decision to dismiss the players and more than implies that his decision was immediately obvious once he knew they knowingly broke the rules. The obvious spin is that both OU and Stoops took the ethical high road in this matter… so did they really?
Are we supposed to believe that OU’s Compliance Department began investigating allegations about their starting QB and a starting OL specifically (after they were named in a March 3rd Email) and yet didn’t bother telling Stoops?


Are we supposed to believe that with all these allegations and evidence, that OU and Stoops didn’t confront Bomar and Quinn until the first of August?
Again, just when were Bomar and Quinn confronted? Just when did they confess to OU’s Compliance Department?

If it was immediately obvious to OU that they had to do the right thing and dismiss these players once they confirmed the rules violations (their confession), then minimally David Boren and the OU Compliance Department allowed all the 1st team practice reps these players took during Spring Camp and through the Summer Work Outs to be wasted on two players they were going to dismiss.

Paul Thompson didn’t take his first practice snap as a QB this year until after OU’s August 2nd announcement.

Stoops and OU spun the notion that they had taken some kind of ethical high ground and yet someone at OU went to the extent of allowing 1st team practice repetitions to be wasted on two players that would eventually be dismissed from their team.

I’m sorry but it doesn’t wash.

I don’t buy that OU’s Compliance Department launched an investigation into and uncovered evidence against Bob Stoops starting QB and a starting OL without bothering to mention it to him for 5 months.

So was it really immediately evident to Stoops what he must do once he found out?

Let me suggest alternative scenario.

The reason that Bomar and Quinn continued to get all the 1st team practice snaps through the Spring and Summer was because Stoops and OU were desperately trying to see if the whole thing could be covered up. There is no way they wouldn’t have tried to get Paul Thompson QB snaps in the off-season if they immediately knew they were going to dismiss Bomar. They were trying to keep him and trying to cover it all up.

When looking at OU’s own timeline, there’s only two possibilities:

1. Stoops told the truth in the Aug 2nd Press Conference, immediately confronted Bomar and Quinn, and immediately did the right thing and dismissed the two. This means David Boren and the OU Compliance Department kept all of this from Stoops until late late July or early August. It also means that Boren allowed Stoops to waste all his off-season practices on two players they were going to bust.

2. Despite what the Compliance Departments investigation had uncovered, the reason Bomar and Quinn continued to get all the 1st team practice reps through the Spring and Summer was because it was Stoops and OU’s intent to play them this Fall despite the rules violations. They spent the Spring and Summer trying to cover it up.

Something is definitely fishy here. It just doesn’t add up.


  • how many other players are still working at Big Red? How many other players on the current team ever worked at Big Red? And I reiterate, does AP's "lexus trial" still seem legit???


    By Anonymous jeffryan45, at 11:26 AM  

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