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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rohnde article about Bomar and Quinn

By John Rohde
Turns out the Oklahoma football team has a quality punter after all. Bob Stoops punted Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn off the team Wednesday.
And if state law permits, Stoops no doubt would like to punt a conniving, jock-sniffing OU booster across state lines as well.
Quarterback and the offensive line - two positions where the Sooners could ill-afford to take a hit - just got blind-sided.
Bomar and Quinn got precisely what they deserved.
So don’t blame Stoops, don’t blame athletic director Joe Castiglione and don’t blame school president David Boren. Instead, you should thank them.
If you want to blame somebody for the Sooners’ latest tango with trouble, blame Bomar, Quinn and a bumpkin booster.
And to a certain extent, blame Kelvin Sampson.
Sooner athletics remain squarely in the crosshairs of the NCAA following its recent investigation into the men’s basketball program. Wounds remain fresh for OU’s compliance department.
The NCAA sniffed out Sampson’s oversized phone bills and didn’t like what it smelled.
The Sampson case officially is closed, but the stench still lingers.
Sampson revived the school’s renegade reputation when he and his staff combined to make 577 impermissible phone calls in a four-year span.
And because sports fans love to hold grudges, that unmistakable aroma of nationwide discontent toward the Sooners is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
The NCAA major infraction rap sheet has six cases against OU - Jan. 11, 1956; Jan. 11, 1960; Sept. 20, 1973; Nov. 11, 1980; Dec. 19, 1988; and May 25, 2006.
In an effort to prevent a seventh entry, Bomar and Quinn wisely got booted.
In the Sampson case, OU acted swiftly with self-imposed sanctions. As a result, the school managed to escape the NCAA’s dreaded “lack of institutional control” tag, which is the insult of all insults.
What Castiglione and Co. did in the Sampson case was a pre-emptive strike (men’s and women’s gymnastics also were implicated).
What Castiglione and Co. did Wednesday with Bomar and Quinn was preventative maintenance.
If there is a problem, get rid of it. Be it player, coach or booster. And that’s precisely what OU did.
Had the Sampson investigation not occurred, would Bomar and Quinn still have been kicked off the football team? Presumably yes.
But since the Sampson investigation did occur, the answer unequivocally became yes.
There is no wiggle room these days in the OU compliance office, which incidentally received high praise from NCAA officials for its internal handling of the Sampson affair.
Until Sampson’s stumble, the school had gone 18 years without a major violation.
Now thanks to Bomar and Quinn, the NCAA no doubt will soon pay a visit, if it hasn’t already.
Don’t hold your breath for Bomar’s return. He’s gone. Permanently. As he should be. Ditto for Quinn.
The mere thought of possibly reinstating either player would turn up the stink meter full-blast.
With his partying, drinking and ill-gotten gains, Bomar is beginning to resemble Pigpen from Peanuts.
A dirty cloud surrounds him. Bomar won’t be welcome at any NCAA institution - unless it’s an incredibly stupid one.
Therefore, NAIA ball awaits Bomar and Quinn.
In ruining their own reputations, Bomar and Quinn have sabotaged everyone else associated with OU.
Those who remain true to the Sooners will now bear the brunt of jokes, snickers and innuendo.
Sadly, this has been going on for 50 years.
Despite Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer having an NCAA rap sheet, OU fans’ reverence remained unwavering.
The same no doubt will hold true for Stoops.
The final stop on the annual Sooner Caravan will be held at 6:30 tonight in the National Cowboy and Western History Museum.
The standing ovation Stoops was going to receive anyway will last a little bit longer and sound a little bit louder.
Stoops has earned that standing O.
It was a helluva punt.


  • Spin, spin, spin, and more spin.

    How is Bob Stoops not to blame? Isn’t his job to manage and coach the football team? If Bob Stoops didn’t know this was going on, then he isn’t doing his job.

    This is my favorite line, “So don’t blame Stoops, don’t blame athletic director Joe Castiglione and don’t blame school president David Boren. Instead, you should thank them”. Don’t blame them, only 4 sports at OU have been hit with major NCAA violations in the last 4 months.

    When does one consider it “lack of institutional control”?

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 11:55 AM  

  • Big Red Sports/Imports again...

    Anybody still think that Peterson's deal was completely clean? Well of course you do, you are Sooner fans


    By Blogger jsr, at 12:27 PM  

  • After doing a little research, here is a short list of NCAA violations that involve cars:

    a. Loaning your private car or providing transportation to a student athlete for any purpose.
    b. Providing any discounts or incentives to a student athlete not generally provided to the general public, such as free meals, free clothes, free lodging, or discounted rentals.
    c. Making any form of gift to a student athlete, including the use of any type of asset or service, cars included.

    However, the Daily Oklahoman investigated the “Adrian Peterson driving a new Lexus situation”, and they found nothing wrong with it. To them, it appeared like normal operating procedure.

    I respect AD for making the right decision about returning the car, and I think that a slap on the wrist is appropriate for what he did. On the other hand, BRI, who is clearly an OU booster, should be reprimanded heavily. However, this is no longer necessary, because I am not sure they could give cars away in Norman right now.

    1956, 1960, 1973, 1980, and 1988. Does anyone know what those years are soon to have in common with 2006?

    By Anonymous Dillon, at 11:47 AM  

  • ooh, ooh I want to guess.

    Are they the years of previous NCAA violations/probations for OU???

    and you have too much time on your hands, why don't you go tile something instead to playing on the internet

    By Blogger jsr, at 2:39 PM  

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